Project Management
Direct project management for in-Africa operations. Nuevva has vast experience in managing public, private, and humanitarian projects in Africa. We have cultural and linguistic management capacity spanning Arab, English, French, Portuguese, and Swahili-speaking countries. Getting involved at the earliest stages of your project, Nuevva supports the planning process as well as the implementation, insuring the most efficient and holistic approach to achieving your organization’s goals.

Local Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Your company needs to get operational quickly in Guinee, but no one from your management team has ever been there, and you don’t want to start everything from scratch. Nuevva builds on its extensive and tested Africa networks to find you the partners you need in country, from suppliers to local investors and board members, in virtually any sub-Saharan African market. Instead of going in cold, you can depend on Nuevva’s past experience to help vet the reliability and performance potential of local entities and to set up relationships in ways that mitigate the operational risks that new geographies present.

Sales and Marketing
Targeted Africa- and country-specific sales and marketing are a part of almost every Nuevva project. Western sales strategies do not work in Africa, where product and service value is perceived differently than in Europe or North America. Modern African markets are characterized by a growing middle class that is more exposed to advertising, publicity, and technology than ever before. Nuevva depends on its ability to translate your USPs into local value add strategies in a way that makes sense for African markets. Nuevva conceives, manages, and runs publicity campaigns, promotional strategies, and direct marketing projects in sub-Saharan Africa to get immediate traction for your products and services and achieve sales targets. Embrace new sales territories with Nuevva. We speak the language, understand the culture, and get things done. The proof: Nuevva is not afraid to put its reputation on the line by tying project remuneration to sales performance.

Research and Development
You’ve got a project developing in Africa, and are finding it impossible to find the data that you need. How many potential customers are there in Senegal? What laws apply to cross-border leasing in Zimbabwe? Will it be possible to re-export what you import to Burundi? What is the competitive landscape? Are there funding opportunities from international donors, multilaterals, or local banks? For anything you want to know about operating and doing business in Africa, Nuevva can find the answers you need. Nuevva designs R&D projects to suit the exact needs of your organization. Often companies will ask Nuevva to act directly on the findings of its R&D work, leading to Project Management, Sales and Marketing, or other projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
Nuevva has years of experience in the development, funding, and management of humanitarian projects throughout the African continent and can call on specific technical expertise in health, education, water and sanitation, and other fields. No other firm can claim Nuevva’s dual experience in business and humanitarian projects in Africa, we believe this gives us an unmatchable advantage in developing CSR strategies. Modern projects need a corporate social responsibility focus, and the success of these projects will often determine a company’s ability to continue to work in a supportive host country environment long-term. Nuevva can conceive, budget, manage and execute every aspect of your company’s CSR programs.

Advisory Services

Complex international negotiations, non-executive directorships, tied aid projects, short-term business support consultancies, and whatever else your organization needs, Nuevva can deliver.