Why Afrilease?

Afrilease adds capacity to your business in remote African markets. From identifying customers to providing finance and managing assets, Afrilease is a complete solution.

Afrilease Provides

  • Complete turnkey kit with all necessary information, administration, documentation and guidance for your company to start leasing in Africa
  • A long-term relationship with access to African markets and clients
  • Sales and marketing support; including target lists
  • Help in closing deals

How Afrilease Adds Value
Afrilease is a hugely useful tool for your business. When companies go into new African markets, it often means starting from scratch. Afrilease takes your business to a higher operational level immediately, enabling you to offer Africa lease packages to customers without geographic restrictions or access to the physical collateral. Afrilease enables quickly increased sales in new and emerging geographies, helps your company book greater sales volumes and revenues, and is a rapid, turnkey ‘go to market‘ implementation package for leasing in Africa.

Nuevva has designed Afrilease as a total solution. Going well beyond the financial advantages in leasing, Nuevva physically brings your products to market. Working together with your company, we develop the sales strategy, support programs, and sales targets that will bring sales in new African markets.

Afrilease includes all processes, procedures, and documentation required for legally- and financially-compliant leasing. The white-label structure enhances the credibility of your operational profile and increases the comfort of the lessee, who only deals with one point of contact. Nuevva’s Afrilease training equips your company’s sales force to sell products to your customers on Afrilease terms, and to pinpoint the most likely leads in new markets.

Longer term, leasing deepens the vendor’s relationship with the customer. Most leases require operational support, meaning companies with leasing activities will often profit from service sales as well. When the lease term is up, many lessees will renew, increasing customer loyalty dividends.

In summary, Afrilease:

  • Enables quickly increased sales in new and emerging geographies
  • Helps book greater sales volumes and revenues
  • Provides sales strategy, support, and target customers in African markets
  • Quick ‘go to market’ implementation
  • Provides the processes, procedures, and documentation required for legally and financially compliant leasing.
  • White-label structure increases vendor and lessee comfort
  • Training equips vendor’s sales force to sell leasing advantages to its customers
  • Deepens the vendor’s relationship with the customer

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