Afrilease FAQ


Who Provides Afrilease Financing?

Afrilease works with various asset finance providers, depending on the geographic location of the assets. In general, we work with prestigious international banks with physical presence on the African continent.


Who Administers the Lease?

Afrilease is entirely administered in-house by Nuevva, with up-to-date asset and fleet management and tracking software. This means that the entire process of leasing the equipment is outsourced. There is nothing you have to worry about, except finding more customers.


Who Deals with the Customer?

Nuevva works individually with each manufacturer and vendor to create detailed target customer lists for each geography. In many countries and with many companies, Nuevva will be able to leverage existing relationships to make introductions and sales. Nuevva will also work closely with your company to ensure the capability of your sales force to sell Afrilease and to become acquainted with the market.


Who Can Lease Through Afrilease? / Who Qualifies as an Afrilease Lessees?

Afrilease financing is based on the creditworthiness of the lessee responsible for payments over the lease duration. Nuevva works with your company to develop a list of pre-approved targets for each African market that you want to work in.


What Does Afrilease Do?

Afrilease works as a lodged vendor leasing product. Afrilease enables your company to offer a lease with your company’s name on it, and to market that lease effectively in any sub-Saharan African geography. Afrilease provides all of the lease structure and support, from administrative contracts through finance, support, and disposal.


What Value Does Afrilease Add?

  • Enables quickly increased sales in new and emerging geographies
  • Helps book greater sales volumes and revenues
  • Provides sales strategy, support, and target customers in African markets
  • Quick ‘go to market’ implementation
  • Provides the processes, procedures, and documentation required for legally and financially compliant leasing.
  • White-label structure increases vendor and lessee comfort
  • Training equips vendor’s sales force to sell leasing advantages to its customers
  • Deepens the vendor’s relationship with the customer


Where Does Afrilease Work?

Afrilease is available for all African countries, without restriction. If you have an approved customer with operations in ten countries in Africa, you can lease to them in all one of those countries.


What Can We Lease?

Afrilease works for any physical equipment, plant or vehicles with a cumulative asset value of $20,000 USD or more, with no limit on the maximum value. For equipment that is unique or custom-made, Afrilease is likely to provide a finance-lease solution. Afrilease provides a operating lease solution for most vehicle types.


How Long Does Afrilease Take?

If a customer is pre-approved, leasing can be very quick and take less than two weeks to commence. For new customers that have never used Afrilease, the customer’s creditworthiness will need to be determined, and the company may need to delegate signature authority to someone in the target market. These procedures can add a few weeks to the process for first time lessees.