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Afrilease™ was created to increase leasing opportunities to projects operating in sub-Saharan Africa. If your company manufactures, sells, or rents equipment, vehicles, or plant assets to multinational companies, Afrilease can support you.

Afrilease for Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Vendors

Your company manufactures products. You see opportunities to sell your products in African geographies. Whether or not you have done business there before, Afrilease is for you. Nuevva uses Afrilease to identify and market to target customers in African markets, and to speed sales by decreasing the customer’s upfront capital expenditure. Once a lessee confirms a lease, Afrilease purchases the product from your company, enabling an immediate booking of the sale.

Afrilease represents a winning solution for your company. Use Nuevva’s Africa expertise to market and sell your products quickly and with low risk in any African market.

Afrilease for Car and Equipment Rental

Car hire operations in Africa are booming. In areas where there is strong project activity, a growing customer base should mean sure success for a well-run rental operation. So why do so many African rental companies strangle their own growth potential by owning their own assets? If you are a serious African rental business, Afrilease can resolve your capital problems.

The equation is simple. Consider the following example: Botha Company in Niger rents cars. Each car costs Botha $30,000 USD, and Botha rents the cars out for $2,000 USD per month. After 15 months of rental receipts, Botha can add a new car to his fleet, doubling potential sales. After two years, Botha has two cars, and can gross approximately $10,000 USD in profits.

Thabo in Congo also rents cars. Thabo uses Afrilease to obtain the cars he rents, costing him $1,500 USD per month. He rents the cars out for $2,000 USD per month, and can scale his fleet to meet the quickly growing demand. This means that each car earns Thabo gross profits of $500 USD per month. After two years, Thabo evaluates his fleet of twenty cars. His operation has grossed approximately $10,000 USD per month in profits; over $200,000 dollars in total.

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