What We Do

Nuevva Opens the Doors to Africa for your Business.

In complex sub-Saharan African markets, identifying an opportunity is the first step. Gaining access to those opportunities is the second. In Africa, this involves the crucial consideration of who to work with, and how to develop key local relationships that build local market access. Often, business that do not approach this effectively end up with legal and compliance problems.

Nuevva’s skill in this space is to find and build strategic alliances for your company that can support your company’s operations through the minefields of African business environments. Nuevva identifies partners, promising ventures and deals, and informs your company of tenders and current market demand; helping your business to hit the ground running.

Nuevva Builds Strong Relationships
Nuevva prefers not to consider itself a short-term consulting firm. In line with our mission of creating African development, Nuevva enjoys involvement over the long-term. Nuevva builds strong relationships with our clients that enable us to accompany their operations from due diligence all the way to the operational phases.

Companies can continue to use Nuevva’s services to present, manage and sell products and services in market. Nuevva leverages its extensive contact list and positive local relationships to move products and services quickly and reach business objectives.

Nuevva Understands the Value of Marketing
Nuevva has sales, marketing, branding, and media experience spanning several decades and allowing us to use the latest and most modern technologies to draw attention to product and service offerings.

By linking the quality of its work to a company’s long-term success, Nuevva shows its commitment to the success of the company in the markets we work in.

● Direct project management for in-Africa operations.
● Supplier liaison and in-country networking and partnerships.
● Targeted Africa- and country-specific sales and marketing.
● Research and development of funding and venture opportunities
● Complex international negotiations, including tied aid projects.
● Corporate social responsibility management

Nuevva Research Informs Sustainable Business Strategy
Nuevva market sizing, research and due diligence services identify and quantify specific market ecosystems and provide your company with the information it needs to adopt the appropriate tactics and strategy for in-market success.

Nuevva’s unparalleled Africa experience enables us to access data sets and market intelligence that other firms cannot, and helps us to translate the message behind the data in the way that is most useful for your projects.

In recent projects, Nuevva researched and compiled detailed market information on the automotive and fleet support markets in west Africa and created business plans to support the development of Africa-specific ventures for Fortune 500 and other international businesses.