What if We Made Africa into a Laboratory for Innovation?

African Infrastructure is So Lightly Developed There's Room for Innovation

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, innovators of the day sent railroad prototypes to Africa to test them. The extreme conditions and challenges that these environments presented were a perfect backdrop for reliability testing. In addition, no change of existing infrastructure was necessary, because none of the infrastructure existed.

Although the situation is much different today, in most cases there are still many similarities. Also, there is still no need to replace infrastructure, because in many places in Africa the infrastructure still does not exist. Is there a reason that African countries could not be the first to test and benefit from the new advances in automotive and transport technologies linked to energy innovation?

In situations where host African governments already depend on international aid to fund their ministries’ transport budgets, why not work with automotive manufacturers to supply fleets of new technologies, such as electric or hybrid vehicles? In many cases the fossil-fuel infrastructure is weak or inexistent, and if charging stations could run from solar a whole new technology could be tested.

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