Nuevva’s mission is to improve the quality of humanitarian aid and development delivery worldwide.

Nuevva’s approach is focused – Nuevva is interested in quantifiable measures of the quality of aid and development delivery. Rather than talking in general terms about ‘improving livelihoods’ and ‘saving lives’; Nuevva aims to measure quantifiable social good, and then to find ways to increase its delivery.

Nuevva believes that solutions to a majority of development problems already exist, and that the best role that Nuevva can play is to link those solutions to the people and communities that need them. Nuevva conceives, supports, and manages development and aid projects that are profitable for those that run them, and whose profitability ensures their long-term sustainability. For this, Nuevva encourages the direct participation of the international private sector, without which the long-term transition of societies from under-developed and vulnerable to developed and stable will not occur.

For Nuevva, development is not about creating micro-finance opportunities; it is about how many dollars of micro-finance are resulting in successful loans. It is not about how many beneficiaries receive food aid; it is about how many families have become able to purchase or grow their own food.