Nuevva’s Dotcom Revolution

Nuevva is working hard on an e-commerce platform that is poised to completely change the way business is conducted on the African continent and in remote, weak infrastructure environments around the world.

The centerpiece of this platform is a web-based tool called, perfected for low-bandwidth Africa environments, that will make products and services delivered in Africa available to anyone in the world.  The tool will exist as a mobile phone app and website and will allow anyone anywhere to send money to and from and purchase and pay for products and services delivered at the most remote African locations.

Charitable organizations (NGOs), governments, and the private sector all deliver commodities in remote African regions.  There are well over $1 trillion in annual flows of this kind into Africa from abroad and at least double that in domestic flows; totaling at least $3 trillion annually.  In DRC, where Nuevva will launch we estimate these flows to be worth at least $10 billion annually, with a large percentage destined for the regions where Nuevva’s in-country partners are physically present.

Nuevva will initially cater to private individuals in the African diaspora and international NGOs, and to companies working with our in-country partners.  NGOs represent a customer base whose use of will help them create more revenue and with whom the project has existing relationships.  The kind of transactions favored by NGOs (larger commodities volumes and dollar amounts) are similar to those used by businesses with our in-country partners have existing relationships.   On a continent with severely handicapped physical infrastructure; will be Africa’s or EBay.

Get in touch with Nuevva now to learn more about this revolutionary platform and how it can help your organization succeed in remote environments.

Small Commerce in Maputo, Mozambique Hairdresser

Small Commerce in Maputo, Mozambique

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